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Organizational Change Management

Promoting resilience and adoption by
equipping impacted groups with the
resources they need for success.

Colleagues Working Together

Integrated Solutions Group (ISG) brings best practices from public and private sector engagements to every project, always mindful of our client’s overall business objectives. We measure success accordingly. We help
you avoid the costs of people-related risks by investing in an “insurance policy” for your project or program with Organizational Change Management (OCM).

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ISG provides OCM services as a critical component for success. It is rarely technology that is the issue. The transition of people and organizations to new working environments is the true testament of success. We have the professional maturity, insight and experience to optimize your business.


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Our team is fully Prosci certified, and we leverage this foundational methodology to build the right size  solutions, approaches, and tools for your projects.


While able to use the Prosci approach and methodology, we can also create customized toolkits and playbooks for your team members to employ.

Regardless of your preferred approach, our goal is to make our clients successful in achieving the desired benefits of OCM, so staff adopt and sustain the change, and your organization meets the intended benefits.

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“Change Resilience among staff is our passion, increasing the stamina to not only accept that change is constant but embrace it as an opportunity.”

Our OCM Approach

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We understand the needs of both IT and Business. We help engage your stakeholders to demystify the pending changes and make them manageable through clear business processes, system training, and support.

We always focus on the big picture – why change now, what the change means for the individual, and how to adapt through the change while meeting the organizational objectives.

We reinforce the change and promote adoption by sharing information and giving staff and stakeholders the tools and resources to succeed.

Service Brief

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