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Program and Management Services

Adapting proven tools and methodologies
to achieve the business objectives of
every initiative

Working Together

ISG’s success as a firm is rooted in our expertise as program and project managers. Our company was founded on our members successfully managing complex, large-scale, multi-organizational engagements, some with budgets in excess of $150M.


We approach program and project management with a focus on achieving the business objectives, managing risks, engaging stakeholders, and partnering with our clients, working side-by-side with the internal team to resource the project. We support the early stages of a project from planning through authorization and initiation, managing procurement and vendor selection, and all stages of deployment.


We are adept at employing agile/iterative processes, as well as hybrid and waterfall methodologies. Our approaches and practices are pragmatic. We align with the culture of the organization, tailoring best practices with what works well in the specific environment, taking culture, constraints, and opportunities into account.

Our communication and stakeholder engagement skills are exemplary. We support clear communications at all levels, from individual work streams and leaders, to managers, executives, and oversight organizations.


Our range of offerings, backed by our team of seasoned experts, can provide the experience you need to minimize risk and achieve business goals.

ISG specializes in high-risk, large-scale, complex engagements. We believe that successful outcomes in our engagements are achieved by planning for the long term, building trust, and collaborating with all stakeholders across the enterprise.

Service Brief

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