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Larissa Stewart carries over 25 years of diverse experience in managing small businesses and law firms, encompassing operations, marketing, human resources, and finance. Her strength lies in blending a strategic outlook with a meticulous eye for detail, enabling her to closely collaborate with business owners, and fostering team success while consistently refining operational effectiveness. Larissa's commitment to accuracy and ethical practices ensures that all business standards are carefully analyzed and addressed for optimal success. Known for leaving no rock unturned, Larissa seeks continual improvement towards the highest standards of excellence.


Beyond her professional pursuits, Larissa finds joy in spending quality time with her family, exploring the stunning landscapes of the Pacific Northwest alongside her husband, Steve, and their sons, Corbin and Parker. She also relishes adventures with Sir Henry Waffles, the furry ruler of the Stewart household, exploring the countryside, beaches, mountains, and woods. Larissa values collaboration and mentorship, both personally and professionally, and finds fulfillment in contributing positively to her community and the teams she works with.

Larissa Stewart

Director, Internal Operations

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