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ISG was established in 1986. Our primary office is in the state capital. As a result, many of our clients are WA State Government and Pacific NW based corporations.

Our Team

John Anderson

John founded ISG (formerly IRM) as a sole proprietorship in 1986.

Schein, Robert.png
Robert Schein

Robert has over 30 years of experience working with public sector organizations on their most challenging, complex, and high-profile projects, initiatives and challenges.

Gena Cruciani

Gena is a dynamic IT professional with more than 20 years’ experience.

Rasmussen, Shawna.jpg
Shawna Rasmussen

She has a knack for achieving transformational goals through her project and change management principles, and successfully driving projects to long term, measurable improvements.

Boatright, Tom.jpg
Tom Boatright

Tom has 25 years experience as an IT professional in private and public sectors.


Larissa Stewart Prof Photo.jpg
Larissa Stewart
Director, Internal Operations

Larissa Stewart brings more than 20 years of small business and law firm administration experience in operations, marketing, human resources, and finance.

White, Ragan (2).jpg
Ragan White
Director, Delivery and Quality Management

Ragan is a Director at ISG with 17+ years in the private sector, with 7 years spent in the financial services industry and over a decade spent in private sector consulting.

Fussel, Dan.jpg
Dan Fussell
Director, Technical Advisory Services

Dan has 17 years of consulting experience focused on driving technology change.

Whitbeck, Katie (Prof).png
Katie Whitbeck
Director, Organizational Change Management

Katie has 12+ years of experience in change management and leadership engagement.

Kathy Pickens- Rucker
Senior Associate Engagement Lead

Kathy has more than 25 years working in the IT industry. 

Bill Kinney
Engagement Lead
Senior Project Manager

Bill has over 30 years of project and program management experience. 

220912_Emily Davis Photo.jpg
Emily Davis
Engagement Lead
Senior Project Manager

Emily is a skilled professional leading the way for organizations implementing Systems Thinking, Large Technology Integrations, Cross-functional Team Management, and Optimizing Operations. 

Jeffrey Closson
Senior Associate Engagement Lead

Jeff has 30+ years of experience with enterprise technology and business projects. 

Craig Keating
Senior Technical Advisor

Craig is a proven technology expert with 30+ years experience directing Enterprise Solutions.

Gasper Gulotta
Senior Associate
Engagement Lead

In both the military and civilian positions, Gasper has extensive high-level technology experience.

Ahmed Botan
Senior Business Analyst

Ahmed has 15 years of experience providing IT services to multiple state and local government agencies.

Steven Suskin
Senior Associate

Steven has touched nearly all aspects of information technology during the past 20 years.

Jay Kinne
Data Architect

Jay has over 20 years of experience in technology and data integration. 

Andy Jensen
Senior Project Manager

Andy is a customer-focused

Program, Project, and Solutions Manager with extensive experience in developing and managing strategic programs and cross-functional teams to deliver and support transformational business initiatives.

Soukita 1.jpg
Soukita Keopanapay
Business Analyst

Soukita has a passion for people, and she actively seeks out opportunities to create more efficient and practical systems. A lover of logistics, she hopes to learn and grow both personally and professionally with ISG.

Hay, Jodi 1.jpg
Jodi Hay
Senior OCM Consultant

With over 20 years as a Project Manager, Jodi excels in leading State agencies to successful IT solutions using PMBOK methodologies. Her leadership is marked by a strong passion for people. 

MikeD Waist Up.jpg
Mike Davis
Senior Project Manager

Mike is a Senior Project Manager with 25+ years' experience in leading and managing large IT projects in the public sector.

Profile Pic_Comstock.png
Luke Comstock
Senior Security Analyst

Luke is a results-focused security architect who is skilled in translating needs into solutions to improve security postures, architectures, and processes.

Dana pic.jpg
Dana Whitford
Senior Project Manager

Dana brings over 20 years of experience working as a project manager and has managed enterprise Information Technology projects worldwide.

Carl Greer Photo.jpg
Carl Greer
Senior OCM Consultant

Carl brings over 30 years Washington State experience in roles ranging from payroll manager to change manager. He is an advanced certified Prosci practitioner and trainer and holds multiple certifications associated with organizational development.

Krista Headshot.jpg
Krista Hornish
Senior OCM Consultant

With over 15 years in public service, Krista  believes in inclusive leadership and strives to ensure that any proposed change is examined and planned through a DEI lens.

MK Dahn Pic.jpg
Mary Kay Dahn
Quality Assurance Analyst

Mary Kay has 20 years’ experience as a Project Manager and Operations Vice President in insurance operations. Prior to joining ISG, Mary Kay was a skilled senior level PM and PMO manager.

Candice Leonard
Senior Project Manager

Candice comes to us with 25+ years of experience leading IT initiatives in the public and private sector. She has led major data center re-locations, rehosting efforts, business intelligence projects and most recently several systems deployments.

Erika Anderson
Quality Assurance Analyst

Erika brings over 25 years' experience in the IT industry with positions ranging from IT Project Management to Database Administration. 

Mollas, Nick.jpg
Nick Mollas
Quality Assurance Analyst

Nick is an experienced consultant and IT professional with 19+ years of experience.

Cole, Jessica 1.jpg
Jessica Cole
OCM Senior Consultant

Jessica's ability to engage on complex projects by applying improvements to decision-making with effective change management leads clients to success.

Michaels, Jamie2.jpg
Jamie Michaels
OCM Consultant

Jamie is a skilled change management professional with a strong commitment to fostering a collaborative culture while creating a shared vision of success.

Sulaiman, Nicolette (Prof).jpg
Nicolette Sulaiman
OCM Consultant

Nicolette is a versatile and results-oriented consultant with expertise in organizational change management and a demonstrated track record of success in communications strategy, adult learning enablement, tactical planning, and program development.

GatesPowell, Elizabeth (Prof).jpeg
Elizabeth Gates Powell
OCM Manager

Elizabeth brings over 13 years of consulting and project management experience, specializing in Organizational Change Management.

Moran, Miguel.jpg
Miguel Moran
OCM Consultant

Miguel is a results-driven Army veteran who brings over 5 years of demonstrated ability in delivering mission-critical solutions, offering outstanding communication and cross-cultural team management skills.

Tout, Steve 1.jpg
Steve Tout
Senior Manager, Cybersecurity Practice Lead

Steve has over twenty years of experience helping organizations build global IT security and IAM solutions that create business value through secure cloud transformation enablement.

Rudolph, Evette.png
Evette Rudolph
OCM Consultant

Evette merges emotional intelligence, literacy and organizational psychology practices to curate effective solutions within the change management space.

Thorstad, Ellie.jpg
Ellie Thorstad
OCM Senior Consultant

Ellie has over 12 years of experience achieving program success and transformational change across the public and private sectors.

Stein, Jill.jpg
Jill Stein
OCM Senior Consultant

Jill brings nearly two decades of change management and DEI consulting experience.

Lombardo, Allison.jpeg
Allison Lombardo
TAS Manager

Allison brings over 13 years of experience in the private sector developing strategy and driving execution for cross-functional teams within a diverse set of industries and functional areas.

Wiese, Kyle.jpg
Kyle Wiese
PMO Consultant

Kyle brings over 10 years of experience in leading projects and initiatives in the non-profit, public, and private sectors.

Armstrong, Melissa.jpg
Melissa Armstrong
Accounting Specialist

Melissa brings over 10 years of experience in financial operations, accounts management, and administrative expertise.

Lagerstrom, Juliette.jpg
Juliette Lagerstrom
Associate OCM Consultant

Juliette's diverse background, including experience with customer service, entrepreneurship, and art makes her a valuable asset with a unique perspective to share.

Johnstone, Kate (Prof).png
Kate Johnstone
OCM Consultant

Kate has a people-centric approach to change and believes approaching problems with genuine curiosity and empathy paves the way to achieving success.

Calisti, Cassie.jpg
Cassie Calisti
OCM Consultant

With a robust background in Learning and Development and Instructional Design, Cassie brings extensive expertise to ISG, excelling in crafting impactful training programs and driving successful system implementations.

Savino, Becca.jpg
Becca Savino
OCM Senior Consultant

Becca is a results-driven and dynamic change management expert with a knack for creating clarity out of chaos.

Boyl, Rachel.png
Rachel Boyl
OCM Senior Manager

Rachel Crocker Boyl brings over a decade of consulting expertise in overseeing large-scale change initiatives across diverse industries.

Sterenchuk, Molly.JPEG
Molly Sterenchuk
OCM Consultant

Molly sits at the intersection of Change Management, Talent Acquisition and Leadership; her passion is the ‘people’ side of business.

Payne, Hannah.jpg
Hannah Payne
OCM Senior Manager

Hannah brings a people-first approach to her work; she is passionate about creating positive work environments and structures that enable people and teams to thrive.

ISG timeline  (7).jpg

Integrated Solutions Group has been offering 

large-scale business solutions for more than three decades. 













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